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St. Louis, Missouri



Latitude: 38.6270025, Longitude: -90.1994042


Latitude: 38.6270025, Longitude: -90.1994042


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barwick, James  St. Louis, Missouri I58460
2 Blakeney, Zaidee Peronne  24 Mar 1876St. Louis, Missouri I60518
3 Dekker, Edward J.  28 Jul 1863St. Louis, Missouri I63624
4 Dekker, Edward Nicholas  12 Jun 1895St. Louis, Missouri I63623
5 Espenschied, Fred F.  3 Jan 1856St. Louis, Missouri I4878
6 Espenschied, Lloyd  27 Apr 1889St. Louis, Missouri I4880
7 Harvey, Virginia Leota  15 Apr 1923St. Louis, Missouri I14044
8 Henson, Virgil Anderson Jr.  22 Jun 1929St. Louis, Missouri I14483
9 Hoffmann, Albert Arnold  16 May 1898St. Louis, Missouri I14111
10 James, Albert Shepherd  1910St. Louis, Missouri I131724
11 Jaquet, Alma  17 Apr 1924St. Louis, Missouri I129559
12 Jaquet, Irene Alice  28 Sep 1927St. Louis, Missouri I154648
13 Jaquet, Irene Alice  29 Sep 1927St. Louis, Missouri I156756
14 Johnson, Charles Ellis  21 Mar 1857St. Louis, Missouri I16942
15 Johnson, Genevieve  10 Feb 1904St. Louis, Missouri I154647
16 Jones, Margaret Cassadra  Feb 1899St. Louis, Missouri I7627
17 Jones, Paul Lee Jr.  13 Feb 1896St. Louis, Missouri I107147
18 Lee, Hugh B. Jr.  St. Louis, Missouri I32424
19 McCulloch, Mary Sue  30 May 1913St. Louis, Missouri I44314
20 McGee, Horace Winston Sr.  29 Apr 1908St. Louis, Missouri I81782
21 Olney, Lola Mae  16 May 1927St. Louis, Missouri I61345
22 Olney, Silas B.  1842St. Louis, Missouri I12017
23 Pemberton, James Martin Louis  17 Jun 1934St. Louis, Missouri I114221
24 Riddle, William "Billy" Adrian Jr.  29 May 1931St. Louis, Missouri I14354
25 Sagers, Mary  24 Dec 1847St. Louis, Missouri I97821
26 Smith, Mary Ann  25 Dec 1844St. Louis, Missouri I2024
27 Solomon, Abraham  2 Jul 1922St. Louis, Missouri I14045
28 Whipple, Charles Harry Major  24 May 1927St. Louis, Missouri I56328
29 Whipple, Leonidus Rutledge "Leon"  19 Sep 1882St. Louis, Missouri I98293
30 Whipple, Lyle Stuart  10 Nov 1891St. Louis, Missouri I98295
31 Wise, Julia Elva  24 Feb 1859St. Louis, Missouri I80598


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Pemberton, James Martin Louis  9 Sep 1934St. Louis, Missouri I114221


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Harvey Hiram  9 Jul 1980St. Louis, Missouri I43748
2 Adams, Walter Grant "Oliver"  4 Nov 1947St. Louis, Missouri I43706
3 Allison, Earl Hadley  3 Sep 1959St. Louis, Missouri I61351
4 Bloomer, Ada Sophia  20 Oct 1976St. Louis, Missouri I32712
5 Britain, Mary M.  10 Apr 1914St. Louis, Missouri I14389
6 Christeson, Mary Elizabeth  23 Jan 1976St. Louis, Missouri I14185
7 Christeson, William Columbus  9 May 1957St. Louis, Missouri I14183
8 Dakin, Edwina  1 Jun 1980St. Louis, Missouri I38548
9 Dakin, Walter Edwin Reverend  14 Feb 1944St. Louis, Missouri I38549
10 Dennis, Martha P.  11 May 1850St. Louis, Missouri I58441
11 Espenschied, Fred F.  22 Jul 1908St. Louis, Missouri I4878
12 Griffiths, Mary  1850St. Louis, Missouri I150356
13 Humpherys, Thomas IV  20 Nov 1853St. Louis, Missouri I2033
14 Johnson, Charles  St. Louis, Missouri I67045
15 Jones, Oren G.  22 Aug 1937St. Louis, Missouri I157147
16 Jones, Paul Lee Jr.  28 Jun 1945St. Louis, Missouri I107147
17 McGee, Dora May  1914St. Louis, Missouri I14392
18 McGee, Eugene  21 Jan 1915St. Louis, Missouri I81817
19 McGee, James  1908St. Louis, Missouri I81822
20 McGee, John F.  14 Oct 1898St. Louis, Missouri I14391
21 McGee, Lovella S.  1917St. Louis, Missouri I81818
22 McGee, Pinckney Howard "Pink"  10 Jun 1919St. Louis, Missouri I14390
23 McGee, Robert  10 Apr 1908St. Louis, Missouri I14383
24 McGee, William B.  Jun 1904St. Louis, Missouri I81819
25 Olney, Hiram W.  St. Louis, Missouri I11955
26 Otte, Rosina Maria Francesca  6 Jan 1944St. Louis, Missouri I38550
27 Powers, Kate Elnora  28 Feb 1938St. Louis, Missouri I157146
28 Sommers, Florence M.  28 Oct 1948St. Louis, Missouri I139095
29 Stone, Philip Zoroaster  7 Dec 1877St. Louis, Missouri I72647
30 Stophlet, Elmer Whipple  18 Aug 1950St. Louis, Missouri I132571
31 Stophlet, Frank Wainwright  25 Jun 1971St. Louis, Missouri I132575
32 Wheeler, Griswold Whipple Dr.  7 Jun 1865St. Louis, Missouri I35962
33 Whipple, Charles O.  9 Dec 1862St. Louis, Missouri I32624
34 Whipple, Darwin  3 Aug 1863St. Louis, Missouri I4152
35 Whipple, John Oscar  29 Nov 1962St. Louis, Missouri I47599
36 Whipple, Keri Angela  10 Aug 1998St. Louis, Missouri I147746
37 Whipple, Raymond D.  10 Feb 1965St. Louis, Missouri I139094
38 Whipple, William A.  8 Sep 1924St. Louis, Missouri I139091


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Griffiths, Mary  St. Louis, Missouri I150356
2 Humpherys, Thomas IV  20 Nov 1853St. Louis, Missouri I2033


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barwick / Olney  20 Apr 1864St. Louis, Missouri F26483
2 Breager / Hoyt  St. Louis, Missouri F20193
3 Brown / Leach  St. Louis, Missouri F30826
4 Jaquet / Johnson  29 Sep 1923St. Louis, Missouri F51281
5 Rice / Olney  27 Nov 1851St. Louis, Missouri F26481
6 Stevens / Olney  11 Feb 1851St. Louis, Missouri F26480
7 Whipple / Rowley  15 Feb 1897St. Louis, Missouri F4161

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