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Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire


Latitude: 44.2133222, Longitude: -71.9109059

Latitude: 44.2133222, Longitude: -71.9109059


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aldrich, Lindsey  15 Jun 1826Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118228
2 Aldrich, Sarah "Sally"  Jul 1790Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118136
3 Ash, Olivia   I10893
4 Bowles, Esther  3 Sep 1818Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118222
5 Cogswell, Melinda A.  18 Apr 1821Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I10888
6 Forsaith or Forsythe, Sally L  18 Nov 1818Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118224
7 Forster, William  Abt 1860Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I62357
8 Hildreth, Phinetta or Phinettie or Finetti "Nettie" J.  18 Nov 1827Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I55744
9 Ingerson, Arthur Herbert   I159292
10 Noyes, Ellen W.  28 Aug 1846Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118168
11 Oakes, Ebenezer  10 Jun 1795Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I131069
12 Oakes, Philinda M.  1 Nov 1799Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I57614
13 Olney, Ada  23 May 1864Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I62356
14 Page, Hannah  1831Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118155
15 Parker, Benjamin  1804Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118210
16 Parker, Chandler Bowles  27 Nov 1829Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118225
17 Parker, Charles  1801Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118209
18 Parker, Charles  21 May 1826Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118218
19 Parker, Eleazer  10 Dec 1818Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118221
20 Parker, Harry Elwood  11 Jun 1853Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118236
21 Parker, Israel  1809Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118214
22 Parker, James F.  Jul 1806Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118211
23 Parker, Joseph  6 Jul 1813Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118215
24 Parker, Kendall  13 Jun 1797Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118207
25 Parker, Levi Pratt  15 Jan 1820Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118223
26 Parker, Phebe Ann  14 Jun 1834Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118227
27 Parker, Silas  8 Sep 1814Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118219
28 Parker, William F.  1 Jan 1848Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118232
29 Priest, Lydia  23 Apr 1800Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I10153
30 Streeter, Nathan  14 Sep 1811Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I131071
31 Whipple  18 Jan 1881Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118174
32 Whipple, Ardelle or Cora Ann  21 Aug 1866Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118171
33 Whipple, Asa  5 Oct 1797Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I10154
34 Whipple, Calvin  15 Feb 1812Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I27165
35 Whipple, Charles D.  14 Jun 1823Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118143
36 Whipple, Charlotte Clara or Clara C.  2 Apr 1846Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I160361
37 Whipple, Delight  28 Aug 1818Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118141
38 Whipple, Hannah Editha  12 Jul 1840Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I10887
39 Whipple, Henry  1852Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118165
40 Whipple, James Fernandes  6 Aug 1824Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118142
41 Whipple, Jason  11 Jan 1811Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118138
42 Whipple, John Jewell  21 Dec 1822Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I10150
43 Whipple, Jonathan  25 Sep 1805Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I129820
44 Whipple, Jonathan Woodman  9 Aug 1844Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I160360
45 Whipple, Lawrence  19 May 1876Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I131049
46 Whipple, Levi Pardon  28 Oct 1803Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I80033
47 Whipple, Lydia Priest  3 Mar 1800Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I129811
48 Whipple, Manson P.  Jul 1847Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I131053
49 Whipple, Martha Orisa  17 Jul 1842Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I160359
50 Whipple, Mary Anne  21 Jul 1816Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118140

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aldrich, Lindsey  8 Jul 1909Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118228
2 Aldrich, Sarah "Sally"  13 Sep 1854Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118136
3 Ball, Phebe  1 Feb 1872Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118217
4 Bennett, Amelia Emmeline  3 Feb 1918Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118233
5 McKean, Maria Thankful  1 Jan 1900Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118216
6 Morrill, Jennett  17 Sep 1813Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I105138
7 Parker, Chandler Bowles  9 Jul 1906Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118225
8 Parker, Charles  14 May 1804Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118209
9 Parker, Charles  25 Aug 1895Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118218
10 Parker, James F.  23 Aug 1888Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118211
11 Parker, Joseph  14 Apr 1904Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118215
12 Parker, Phebe Ann  18 May 1903Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118227
13 Parker, Silas  14 May 1804Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118189
14 Priest, Daniel  24 Oct 1829Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I10900
15 Priest, Dorcas Priscilla  1859Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I129822
16 Quimby, Mary  29 Jul 1901Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118226
17 Robbins, Elizabeth  8 Sep 1825Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I129821
18 Simonds, Priscilla  18 Apr 1929Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I129815
19 Stevens, Eliza  27 Nov 1899Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118220
20 Whipple, Anson A.  19 Nov 1919Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I80035
21 Whipple, John Jewell  21 Dec 1893Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I10150
22 Whipple, Jonathan  17 Sep 1858Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I129820
23 Whipple, Nathan  13 Jul 1897Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I118137
24 Whipple, Orriman Kenney  13 Nov 1929Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire I129817


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bowles / Whipple  15 Apr 1890Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire F47653
2 Olney / Moulton  2 Feb 1893Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire F27875
3 Parker / Young  1 Nov 1821Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire F47667
4 Spooner / Priest   F51385
5 Whipple / Cass   F47636
6 Whipple / Noyes  25 Sep 1864Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire F47638
7 Whipple / Oakes  Nov 1827Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire F25447
8 Whipple / Page  4 Sep 1850Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire F47634
9 Whipple / Priest   F6358
10 Whipple / Priest  Oct 1818Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire F1417
11 Whipple / Sawyer  7 Dec 1878Lisbon, Grafton, New Hampshire F47651

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