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Brooklyn, Kings, New York



Latitude: 40.6781784, Longitude: -73.9441579


Latitude: 40.6528762, Longitude: -73.9594940


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Levi Smalley Jr.  Aft 1861Brooklyn, Kings, New York I126166
2 Ashley, James  14 Oct 1870Brooklyn, Kings, New York I58648
3 Babcock, Cornelia Augusta  16 Sep 1854Brooklyn, Kings, New York I55319
4 Babcock, William Henry Jr.  3 Aug 1858Brooklyn, Kings, New York I55322
5 Baird, Robert B.  1 Jan 1923Brooklyn, Kings, New York I148147
6 Ballou, Charles Augustus  10 Oct 1866Brooklyn, Kings, New York I38372
7 Ballou, Levi Segwine  3 Dec 1862Brooklyn, Kings, New York I38371
8 Ballou, Lillian Segwine  19 Jan 1859Brooklyn, Kings, New York I38370
9 Beaman, Charles Lereaux  15 Jun 1873Brooklyn, Kings, New York I85999
10 Beaman, Edwin "Frank" Frank Dr.  31 Aug 1875Brooklyn, Kings, New York I86011
11 Bedell, Daniel Eugene  17 Dec 1836Brooklyn, Kings, New York I84926
12 Blake, Charles Samuel "Chuck" Jr.  23 Oct 1927Brooklyn, Kings, New York I163580
13 Blakeney, Adele Sabin  3 Dec 1869Brooklyn, Kings, New York I60509
14 Blakeney, Louise Mary  4 Oct 1867Brooklyn, Kings, New York I60499
15 Blakeney, Percy Thomas  24 Dec 1871Brooklyn, Kings, New York I60517
16 Boyd, Frank W.  25 Jan 1863Brooklyn, Kings, New York I29537
17 Branch, John Baker  18 Feb 1851Brooklyn, Kings, New York I143948
18 Bundy, Clifford Harned  29 Sep 1913Brooklyn, Kings, New York I155918
19 Bundy, Lynette Augusta  31 Dec 1918Brooklyn, Kings, New York I155919
20 Chesebrough, Frank E.  15 Sep 1886Brooklyn, Kings, New York I106790
21 Claflin, Doris Hayes  24 Jul 1907Brooklyn, Kings, New York I94534
22 Clarke, Eleanor Sophia  7 Dec 1808Brooklyn, Kings, New York I124398
23 Dawson, Anna Lou  27 May 1916Brooklyn, Kings, New York I157616
24 Dezendorf, Alfred C.  5 Mar 1862Brooklyn, Kings, New York I56924
25 Dezendorf, Mary  9 Oct 1852Brooklyn, Kings, New York I56920
26 Edgar, Clark Dennis  29 Jan 1887Brooklyn, Kings, New York I156482
27 Elliott, Dexter  4 Feb 1873Brooklyn, Kings, New York I132727
28 Elliott, Frances A.  12 Mar 1902Brooklyn, Kings, New York I132730
29 Espenscheid, Clara Marrion  14 Jan 1856Brooklyn, Kings, New York I4877
30 Gove, Fannie Dalliber  13 Dec 1867Brooklyn, Kings, New York I88168
31 Herreshoff, Francis Lee  2 Oct 1883Brooklyn, Kings, New York I71223
32 Herreshoff, Frederick  7 Mar 1888Brooklyn, Kings, New York I71224
33 Herreshoff, Louise Chamberlin  29 Nov 1876Brooklyn, Kings, New York I71220
34 Ingalls, Agnes Arnold  27 Jun 1844Brooklyn, Kings, New York I54918
35 Ingalls, Annie Arnold  10 Nov 1846Brooklyn, Kings, New York I54919
36 Ingalls, Charles Henry Jr.  8 Jan 1878Brooklyn, Kings, New York I69860
37 Ingalls, Florence Hopkins  14 Feb 1880Brooklyn, Kings, New York I69861
38 Ingalls, Frank Louthan  11 Oct 1872Brooklyn, Kings, New York I69857
39 Ingalls, Gertrude Arnold  15 Sep 1875Brooklyn, Kings, New York I69858
40 Ingalls, Mary  10 Jan 1869Brooklyn, Kings, New York I69856
41 Ingalls, Ruth Lippitt  15 Sep 1867Brooklyn, Kings, New York I69855
42 Jenne, Mabelle Rita  26 Mar 1876Brooklyn, Kings, New York I99572
43 Ketchum, Charles F.  1842Brooklyn, Kings, New York I119427
44 Kramer, Jean  25 Nov 1925Brooklyn, Kings, New York I144734
45 Ladd, Isaac Gifford  6 Apr 1864Brooklyn, Kings, New York I55353
46 Lippitt, James Norman  12 Jun 1893Brooklyn, Kings, New York I102833
47 Mairs, James Henry  31 Jul 1867Brooklyn, Kings, New York I63282
48 Olney, Anna Maria  17 Jan 1867Brooklyn, Kings, New York I63465
49 Ottesen, Alice Christine  1 Aug 1920Brooklyn, Kings, New York I156654
50 Perkins, Elizabeth Bishop  20 Nov 1869Brooklyn, Kings, New York I125359

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aborn, Mary Burrows  25 Mar 1846Brooklyn, Kings, New York I76517
2 Allin, George Deacon  2 Mar 1884Brooklyn, Kings, New York I70993
3 Arnold, Lucy Lippitt  19 Mar 1848Brooklyn, Kings, New York I54436
4 Ballou, Leonard Seguine  9 Feb 1868Brooklyn, Kings, New York I37395
5 Blakeney, Sabin  26 Apr 1866Brooklyn, Kings, New York I60535
6 Brown, Elizabeth E.  14 Apr 1888Brooklyn, Kings, New York I70361
7 Carey, Esther Burnett  7 Nov 1882Brooklyn, Kings, New York I145857
8 Cutting, Sewall Sylvester Reverend  7 Feb 1882Brooklyn, Kings, New York I70989
9 Dezendorf, Abel Whipple  29 Jun 1881Brooklyn, Kings, New York I56915
10 Dezendorf, Eaustace  18 Nov 1851Brooklyn, Kings, New York I56917
11 Dezendorf, John B.  19 Apr 1885Brooklyn, Kings, New York I56824
12 Earley, Eliz  1940Brooklyn, Kings, New York I99080
13 Espenscheid, Nicholas  7 Jun 1915Brooklyn, Kings, New York I4876
14 Ferris, Lydia Amelia  3 Dec 1873Brooklyn, Kings, New York I60537
15 Fisk, Edward Whipple  19 Aug 1874Brooklyn, Kings, New York I113020
16 Flanders, George M.  2 Mar 1895Brooklyn, Kings, New York I86031
17 Greene, Amey  3 Oct 1859Brooklyn, Kings, New York I151897
18 Greene, Sarah Holden  15 Dec 1847Brooklyn, Kings, New York I76521
19 Haven, Jacob  14 Feb 1897Brooklyn, Kings, New York I35915
20 Hempstead, Romelia P. "Millie"  20 Oct 1896Brooklyn, Kings, New York I137438
21 Holden, Abigail  22 Feb 1850Brooklyn, Kings, New York I76512
22 Ingalls, Agnes Arnold  Oct 1845Brooklyn, Kings, New York I54918
23 Ingalls, Frank Louthan  22 Apr 1873Brooklyn, Kings, New York I69857
24 Ingalls, Ruth Lippitt  16 Sep 1867Brooklyn, Kings, New York I69855
25 Ingalls, Zebediah  1 Sep 1884Brooklyn, Kings, New York I54437
26 Mawney, Mary  1864Brooklyn, Kings, New York I11029
27 McLaughin, Mary Sheridan  14 Aug 1985Brooklyn, Kings, New York I42843
28 McLeod, Elizabeth  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I60521
29 Morris, Mary Jane  1 Jan 1888Brooklyn, Kings, New York I21637
30 Mowry, Havilah Jr.  25 Feb 1881Brooklyn, Kings, New York I145853
31 Northup, Harris  15 Aug 1849Brooklyn, Kings, New York I60496
32 Northup, Lydia Ann  21 Dec 1896Brooklyn, Kings, New York I38670
33 Olney, Elisha B.  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I63296
34 Olney, George Alfred  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I63461
35 Olney, Mary Ida or Ida M.  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I63297
36 Phelps, Georgetta  3 Jul 1871Brooklyn, Kings, New York I86976
37 Rowe, Frances Adelaide  10 Dec 1901Brooklyn, Kings, New York I159320
38 Sabin, Henry Warren  3 Jul 1901Brooklyn, Kings, New York I38669
39 Seymour, Harriet  8 May 1846Brooklyn, Kings, New York I123149
40 Sheldon, Mary "Polly"  9 Sep 1853Brooklyn, Kings, New York I49557
41 Stone, Arthur Gooch  8 Mar 1915Brooklyn, Kings, New York I88158
42 Stone, Charles  2 Dec 1913Brooklyn, Kings, New York I94211
43 Stone, George Alfred  7 Jan 1913Brooklyn, Kings, New York I83855
44 Stone, George Henry  8 Nov 1900Brooklyn, Kings, New York I83994
45 Stone, Jerusha Adelaide  3 May 1910Brooklyn, Kings, New York I83995
46 Stone, Kate Gibson  1 Nov 1916Brooklyn, Kings, New York I85483
47 Stone, Moses Judson  1 Jun 1879Brooklyn, Kings, New York I74975
48 Swann, Robert Page Jr.  17 Jan 1866Brooklyn, Kings, New York I54050
49 Swett, Benjamin Frank  1932Brooklyn, Kings, New York I98046
50 Tabor, Eunice E.  27 May 1862Brooklyn, Kings, New York I70358

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Von Loon, Margaret E.  2 Mar 1920Brooklyn, Kings, New York I46147
2 Whipple, Henry D.  27 May 1898Brooklyn, Kings, New York I46123


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blakeman / Crandall  14 Aug 1861Brooklyn, Kings, New York F13861
2 Blakeney / Sabin  29 Apr 1862Brooklyn, Kings, New York F18739
3 Boyd / Stone  14 Oct 1896Brooklyn, Kings, New York F14849
4 Brewer / Grovesteen  18 Jan 1905Brooklyn, Kings, New York F4321
5 Bulkley / Brown  13 Jul 1872Brooklyn, Kings, New York F30851
6 Espenschied / Espenscheid  19 Jul 1880Brooklyn, Kings, New York F2874
7 Fisher / Blakeney  5 Oct 1893Brooklyn, Kings, New York F27240
8 Hoyt / Stone  3 Jun 1868Brooklyn, Kings, New York F36562
9 Jenne / Moody  22 Oct 1874Brooklyn, Kings, New York F41398
10 Jones / Whipple  19 Sep 1870Brooklyn, Kings, New York F60787
11 Lieber / Elshoff  26 Nov 1910Brooklyn, Kings, New York F61249
12 Purdy / Whipple  14 Dec 1879Brooklyn, Kings, New York F60786
13 Stone / Gove  14 Jun 1905Brooklyn, Kings, New York F37518
14 Stone / Waldron  15 Dec 1891Brooklyn, Kings, New York F37231
15 Stone / Williams  30 Dec 1884Brooklyn, Kings, New York F37516
16 Stone / Woodward  21 Apr 1872Brooklyn, Kings, New York F39724
17 Vail / Dezendorf  31 Jan 1878Brooklyn, Kings, New York F25878
18 Whipple / Richardson  5 Apr 1877Brooklyn, Kings, New York F60477
19 Whittaker / Blakeney  29 Apr 1905Brooklyn, Kings, New York F27242
20 Winslow / Stone  30 Apr 1868Brooklyn, Kings, New York F37004

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